Alley at Night

Alley at Night

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Each of my paintings starts with a mood, and something bothering me.

In New Orleans, so many visual hauntings follow me through the day that there is often no other way to exorcise the demon than to nail it down on canvas.

This particular scene is rather common at night.  Just some lonely guy, leaning against an old door, playing a haunting, lonely sax piece - blowing that loneliness out into the night.

So, I bought a post card with something like this image on it, and I tried to shake the memory of an old man we see often.  He is sad.  He is alone.  And he plays the saxophone like a soft prayer in the French Quarter.  He will never say his name.  He calls himself Jazz Man, and he will always be a mystery to me. 

Where does he live?  Does he have anyone to talk to?  Does he have a day job, a wife, children... why does he refuse to be known?

I will never know the answers, but I named him Simon, and I painted his name on the canvas first, before the picture.  He is Simon, and beneath the colors, his identity has been made up and written - and now it is so.

Take him home, hang him somewhere a bit quiet... and he'll fill your space with jazz at night.